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Scent of the Month
COD: 50218

Scent of the Month

A Scent for Every Season!

June: Raspberry Lemonade
July: Orange Dreamsicle

"Scent of the Month" is a fabulous remoistuzing shampoo for the coat, with a matching aromatherapy spray. Every month the scent is changed to coincide with each season. These are limited run items, so please check back every month for each new scent!
Available in 1 gallon Professional Size (shampoo) and 8 oz. Retail Size (spritz)*

*Check with your local groomer to take advantage of their Scent of the Month program and have your pet looking and smelling great TODAY!

volverVolver Atrás

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La belleza del caballo, la fuerza, la habilidad para la competencia depende del correcto balance de nutrientes.

Servihorse, Un mundo para tu caballo